Hans Boersma


Imagination and Interpretation: Christian Perspectives

Edited By Hans Boersma


Interpretation is tricky business. Music and art are among the most difficult 'texts' to interpret. And yet, today more than ever, the media are bombarding us with sounds and images that desperately need imaginative Christian minds to interpret. Is it possible to find traces of the transcendent in contemporary culture? Do we perhaps even find Christian modes of expression where we would least expect them? Or should Christians take a far more critical interpretive stance toward contemporary cultural art forms than they generally do? Consisting of three main sections, this collection of essays first asks how we should interpret the cosmos and the biblical story of salvation. The second part deals specifically with questions surrounding music and worship. The final section deals with the interpretation of contemporary art and mass media. This collection of essays is a helpful guide for those who are willing to engage the imagination as they face tough interpretive questions, particularly in the areas of music and the arts.

Contributors to this volume:

  • Jeremy Begbie
  • John L. Bell
  • Hans Boersma
  • Dennis R. Danielson
  • Laurel Gasque
  • Wayne L. Roosa
  • Quentin J. Schultze
  • Diane Sekuloff
  • James K.A. Smith