Hans Boersma


Living In The Lamblight

Edited By Hans Boersma

In recent decades many fundamental Christian assumptions about the nature of God and the world have come under attack. No longer can one assume even in many church circles that historic Christian beliefs about the Trinity and providence are generally accepted or understood. Scientific knowledge and new technologies have also presented challenges for the church. How, for example, should Christians understand the ecological crisis? And how should the opening chapters of Genesis be understood in an age of genetic research and evolutionary science? This collection of essays attempts to chart a faithful path for postmodern Christians, exploring the foundational ideas and concepts of a Christian worldview and suggesting their implications for Christian living today.


  • Hans Boersma
  • John Cooper
  • Marva J. Dawn
  • Michael W. Goheen
  • Christopher D. Marshall
  • Arnold E. Sikkema
  • John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
  • Rikki E. Watts
  • John R. Wood.