Hans Boersma


Heaven on Earth? Theological Interpretation in Ecumenical Dialogue


This collection assembles essays by eleven leading Catholic and evangelical theologians in an ecumenical discussion of the benefits – and potential drawbacks – of today’s burgeoning corpus of theological interpretation. The authors explore the critical relationship between the earthly world and its heavenly counterpart.

Ground-breaking volume of ecumenical debate featuring Catholic and evangelical theologians
Explores the core theological issue of how the material and spiritual worlds interrelate
Features a diversity of analytical approaches
Addresses an urgent need to distinguish the positive and problematic aspects of today’s rapidly growing corpus of theological interpretation



Introduction: Spiritual Interpretation and Realigned Temporality —HANS BOERSMA and MATTHEW LEVERING

Part I—Reading the Fathers
1 “In Many and Various Ways”: Towards A Theology of Theological Exegesis —BRIAN E. DALEY, SJ
2 “There’s Fire in That Rain”: On Reading the Letter and Reading Allegorically —LEWIS AYRES
3 Origen against History? Reconsidering the Critique of Allegory —PETER W. MARTENS
4 “This Is the Day Which the Lord Has Made”: Scripture, Manumission, and the Heavenly Future in Saint Gregory of Nyssa —HANS BOERSMA

Part II—Reading Scripture
5 Imperial Lover: The Unveiling of Jesus Christ in Revelation —PETER J. LEITHART
6 Translation and Transcendence: The Fragile Future of Spiritual Interpretation —DAVID LYLE JEFFREY
7 Readings on the Rock: Typological Exegesis in Contemporary Scholarship —MATTHEW LEVERING

Part III—Reading in Contemporary Context
8 The Self-Critique of the Historical-Critical Method: Cardinal Ratzinger’s Erasmus Lecture —MICHAEL MARIA WALDSTEIN
9 Profi ling Christ: The Psalms of Abandonment —FRANCESCA A. MURPHY
10 Reading the Book of the Church: Bonhoeffer’s Christological Hermeneutics —JENS ZIMMERMANN
11 “Ascending the Mountain, Singing the Rock: Biblical Interpretation Earthed, Typed, and Transfigured” —KEVIN J. VANHOOZER